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Whitestar Domes


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Located on Whitestar Road just 30 minutes from Prince Albert or Shellbrook, Saskatchewan 

With the agriculture industry changing and new farming techniques coming together. It is no wonder that greenhouse growing is becoming the new farming method. 
Built on a 50 acre parcel of land 2 large (2500 sq.ft.) growing domes with the ability to sprout or grow greens allyear long, or use the 3 season dome (1500sq.ft.) for early spring sprouting. The coverings for 2 domes are double layered woven poly that allows 85% light transmission the the timber dome is coverd with a wood and specially designed poly paint that stops water penetration. 
There is a large 1200 square foot workshop tunnel dome where you can manufacture more domes. 
This investment opportunity comes with all the equipment to continue building greenhouses. This is another opportunity, selling dome kits that are built. Also included is the equipment to move the dome kits around the province for delivery or set-ups (truck and trailer). 
This property is self reliant with a 3kw solar power system that sustains the greenhouses and a 10kw natural gas generator that delivers more power for larger projects. The solar system can be grown to handle more than 20kw of power as there is more panels that can be added. 
A large wood boiler is being used to heat the 4 season greenhouse domes, which is proving to be very efficient.
I have recently built a new hydro power station to enable a completely off grid and free power acreage. 
“NO GAS, NO ELECTRICAL GRID” are needed to power this acreage. Freedom to leave your lights on. 
As we were blessed with the knowledge of building this power station we will be empowering the people with the knowledge for free.

We welcome questions and interested people. My wife (Li-chu Lee) is Fluent in Taiwanese and Mandarin